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How to Get Aadhar Card Number with Name

Aadhar Card Number with Name can be easily searched from Official UIDAI Aadhaar Website. This Article talks about How to Get Aadhar Card Number with Name when you don’t have your Aadhaar Enrollment Id or Aadhaar Number, so at this time this article will come handy to you to get Aadhaar Card Number with Name.… Read More »

Linking Aadhaar Card Number with Ration Card Becomes Mandatory

Now linking Aadhaar Card with Ration Card have also become essential, and the officials have also announced that the process of linking Aadhaar Card with Ration Card will be completed in few months. If Aadhaar Number is not linked with Ration Card than the consumer will not get monthly ration from fare shop. So if… Read More »

How to Verify Aadhaar Number if it’s Genuine or Fake

Aadhaar Card Portal have come with another very essential feature for public named as Aadhaar Verification. Where anyone can could check if the Aadhaar Number Generated for the resident is genuine or fake. With this method any one can easily check or verify Aadhaar Number by visiting the Official Aadhaar Website on their Laptop, Computer,… Read More »

Updating your details in Aadhaar

You will be pleased to know that the Aadhaar family now has over 89 crore Aadhaar holders! Your Aadhaar is an effective tool to access various services offered by government (and private) agencies from time to time. It is important that you regularly update the information on Aadhaar. If you have moved to a new… Read More »