What is Aadhaar Seeding Benefits of Aadhaar Seeding

By | February 20, 2016
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Aadhaar Seeding

Aadhaar Seeding is a process whereby UID is added to the database of beneficiaries.
In simple words, each beneficiary is identified by beneficiary number (such as Job card number and UID).
As a result, the database of beneficiaries contains the details of beneficiary such as name, beneficiary identifier no (such as job card no, pension no etc), and UID.
Benefits of Aadhaar Seeding
• For the Government (or any other agency offering services or benefits), seeding of UID number in beneficiary database servers to uniquely identify its beneficiaries.
• When each of the beneficiaries is uniquely identified, the database of beneficiaries can be cleansed of:
a. all beneficiaries who are non-existent ( as non-existent persons cannot get UID)
b. of all beneficiaries who are claiming the benefit more than once as a UID can occur only once in the database and one person can have only one UID
c. Of all beneficiaries who are claiming benefits in the names of others. Such persons will not be able to authenticate themselves
• This ensures that Government has a robust and clean database.
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