Aadhar Card For NRI (Non-resident Indian)

Aadhar card is a special and unique 16 digit identification number. The Indian government has decided to provide the Aadhar or UID (Unique Identification Number) to each and every citizen of India, as well as the Non-resident Indians (NRI).

According to the Indian government Aadhar card is a mandatory identification.

The reason of providing Aadhar card to the NRIs too, is the security. Each and every Indian Citizen, as well as NRIs have the full right on this Aadhar card, which is provided by the Indian Government.

The making procedure of Aadhar card is as same as the procedure for an Indian citizen. The needed documents have the differences from an Indian citizen and a NRI.

NRIs have to submit there Green-Card with the other documents for applying Aadhar card.

The Benefits of Aadhar Card for NRI:

1. Aadhar Card is a very unique 16 digit identification number, so that the duplication of the card is nearly impossible.

2. Now-a-days there are some people in India who work under fake identities, so this unique identification number may stop these kind of crimes.

3. Every year Indian government provide aids for the poor and needy people but because of the less identity and without the perfect document, those poor and needy people can’t take the benefits. But from this UID (Unique Identification Number) this problem can be resolve.

4. The electronic transaction of money will be more easy than ever before. Only one identification number “Aadhar-Card” can do this to get your money by electronic transaction.

5. In today’s world of social media and internet, the chances of theft, fraud and crime are increased. So the online authentication can be done by the Aadhar card as well.



5 thoughts on “Aadhar Card For NRI (Non-resident Indian)”

  1. Is Aadhar Card Mandatory for the NRIs? I live in Nairobi, Kenya. We dont have Green Card. We hold Resident Visa. What Docs will be needed?

  2. Sir, in aadhar cards issued on my name and my wife name in year 2011 has mentioned year of birth instead of date of birth. In fact I had submitted proof of our date of birth ( for both). But in aadhar cards issued after year 2012 clear date of birth is mentioned in all cards. Why so? Is it administrative deficiency or anomaly some how succeeded in aadhar card format? Please tell me how to correct it. Why these types of erroneous cards are not replaced by our government under self initiated action. You are requested to send me reply on my email ID: [email protected] without fail and delay.


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